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Kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, that is why it is very important to have it well equipped and nicely furnished. An ideal kitchen is convenient for cooking, having meals and easy to clean. It is important to understand that the higher the quality of the materials used for the kitchen furniture and decor is, the easier it is to look after the kitchen and to renovate it.

We Use Corian and Montelli Solid Surfaces in Our Table Tops Production

Our table tops are made form Corian and Montelli solid surfaces. They are both reliable and durable, also practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Corian and Montelli are moisture resistant, therefore they are suitable not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom as well. Artificial stone is very easy to clean, and since the material is homogenous, after cleaning there is no dirt or germs left.

Sterility is crucial in hospitals, because one way of diseases to spread is via contaminated surfaces. When artificial stone is used in the interior of hospitals, the risk of contagion is minimized, as all the surfaces can easily be sterilized.

Table tops made of Corian and more expensive, because, in comparison with Montelli, Corian is more moisture-resistant and less sensitive to chemical substances. Montelli is a cheaper alternative that allows to economize. When we prepare our offer, we always try to choose the most suitable option for our customer for the best price.

Possibilities of Customized Table Tops

Table Tops are manufactured according to every client‘s wishes and preferences. We take into consideration the client‘s needs, discuss the furniture and equipment that will be integrated, choose the material, texture and colours. Then we proceed with manufacturing and mounting pieces.

Table tops unite all the kitchen equipment and fixtures into one surface: the sink, the tap and the oven are all fixed together, the dishwashing machine also is fitted into the set.

Upon the client‘s request we can propose materials similar to Corian®: Montelli®, Staron®, Hanex®, Hi-Macs® etc.