Kitchen Furniture

Artificial stone table tops are a smart choice because they are easy and simple to look after – their surface has no seems that gather dirt.

Artificial stone allows designers to use their creativity in a variety of ways Thanks to a wide range of colors this kind of surface is easily matched with the rest of furniture in the room. Artificial stone table tops are used in various interiors: appartments as well as public and corporate offices. This kind of material also looks good in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the walls as a finishing element. Individual design solutions are available and we can provide custom made table tops in a number of colors.

The current technology of solid surfaces allows the design and production of table tops to be very bespoke, when artificial stone surfaces are mounted and joined the seems are almost invisible. If the table top is well made, with every detail carefully crafted it can easily become the highlight of an interior.

Main Properties of Our Products:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean and renew
  • Heat resistant
  • Plenty of shaping possibilities
  • Resistant to chemical substances
  • No seems
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Matches other interior materials well
  • Do not absorb moisture, liquids, therefore do not get stained and do not accumulate germs

Artificial Stone Surfaces for Kitchen and Bathroom

Artificial stone can be used in the kitchen and bathroom in a number of ways: as table tops, integrated sinks or wall surfaces. The material is hygienic, easy to clean and perfect for both classic and contemporary design.

Other Uses of Artificial Stone

Artificial stone can be used not only in manufacturing table tops but also for many other pieces of furniture and other products. The maintenance is simple and it’s easy to renew. It can be used for private homes or public and commercial spaces.


If you have any questions or cannot make a decision, we‘d be happy to provide you the answers and help you find the best solution to your problem. Together we can create a beautiful and functional interior.