Non-standart furniture

Besides artificial stone table tops Acrylic Stone Ltd. manufactures carcass and non - standard furniture and offers interior design services.

Non – standard furniture pieces always stand out due to their original design. They are adjusted to fit specific spaces with excellent functionality.

Furniture for Cozy Home

Creating cozy home takes considerable time and effort. When you have limited space rational decisions and creative use of space becomes crucial. This is when non-standard furniture comes into play.

Non-standard furniture is also often chosen simply because it offers individuality, stands out and is memorable. Custom made furniture can easily be matched with already existing pieces and made to suit one‘s particular needs.

Possibility to Design Your Own Furniture

When it comes to furniture, it is difficult to find something that takes your fancy and meets your needs. Pieces of standard furniture are often too big, not of the right colour or lacking functionality. Understandably, you feel lost. Acrylic Stone Ltd. offers you a possibility to create your own dream furniture. Of course, our experts will listen to your requests and preferences and help you to come up with the right design. They will also gladly advise you on the most suitable colors and materials. We are sure that with the help of our experts you will be able to create furniture that meets your every need just perfectly.

Non - Standard Furniture Not Only at Home

Non – standard furniture is becoming popular not only in private homes but in public and commercial buildings as well. Sometimes non-standard furniture is the most practical choice for places where large crowds gather as well as for quieter environments. Sometimes companies of creative industries want their office to reflect their line of work and feature edgy, unique design. In this case the best solution is customized interior design that incorporates non-standard furniture.

Manufacturing Non-Standard Furniture

Professional designers will collaborate with you during the furniture project development. Later on our experts will measure the rooms where the furniture will be placed. After that we will once again discuss the practical and aesthetic properties of the furniture, decide on what materials to use, also choose the decor elements and color combinations.

Every stage of the furniture manufacturing process is carried out by experts, only the latest technologies and top quality materials are used. All the non-standard furniture pieces come with a warranty. The aim of Acrylic Stone Ltd. Is to make our clients happy with our excellent work ethic and furniture that suits their needs.